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Start automatic trading of cryptocurrencies to maximize the gains on your portfolio. Gunbot offers all the tools you need to trade fully automatic.

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Automatic trading on your whole cryptocurrency portfolio

Gunbot offers all the tools you need to automatically grow the value of your crypto portfolio. Trade fully automatically on the trading pairs you want, or maybe already own. Never miss a trading opportunity again.

Use your crypto portfolio for automatic trading on one of the major exchanges like Binance or Poloniex. With Gunbot you can use advanced trading strategies to - basically - buy low and sell higher, every moment of the day.

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Gunbot cryptocurrency portfolio trading bot

Digital money

Increase your portfolio

Already bought cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero? Instead of holding them and wait for possible gains, you could also use Gunbot to automatically reinvest your assets and actively work on increasing your portfolios value.

Just holding your assets might work for some cryptocurrencies. But you are missing out on many trading opportunities per day, which you could use to grow your portfolio much faster than is possible with just holding.

Advanced features

Use one browser based interface to launch Gunbot trading instances for all the exchanges you trade on.

Exchange support

Gunbot support trading at multiple exchanges simultaneously, each exchange runs in its own process.

Risk management

You only need to configure Gunbot once, adding an exchange is as easy as entering your API details.

It's easy

Easily manage your settings across multipe exchanges. Even from your phone!

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