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Binance BTC-alts config bundle

type_autoconfig developer


Ready to go config.js and autoconfig.json for automated BTC-alt trading on Binance. Insert your API key/secret and start trading.

This setup is an attempt to trade many altcoins with a single set of settings, without human interaction.

How does it work?

This setup automatically selects and removes trading pairs, trading pairs only once before they are removed again. The idea is to have a fully automated setup for BTC-alt trading that trades relatively frequently (in tests, about 10 times per day) and only focusses on small trades with around 0.5% to 2% profit per trade.

The setup consists of a config.js and autoconfig.json file, which do the following (summarized):


  • Adds & removes pairs, mainly based on their direction in the past 12h
  • Disables buying on all pairs when USDT-BTC is moving up or down more than average in the last hour
  • Changes some settings based on the DCA phase: when DCA started it increases the buydown for the second DCA order, the strategy sell criteria are set to a minimal 0.1% gain once DCA is completed.


  • Contains only one preconfigured trading strategy, based on buy trailing and stochrsi selling. It's very basic but does its job.

After first running it, expect to wait 12h before the first trading pairs are added!

Test results

During unattended tests BTC portfolio value increased about 10% in a bit more than 3 weeks time. The price of USDT-BTC increased more than 10% during this time. Trades did stagnate at a few days after bigger BTC moves, but in the end bags were always recovered and trading continued slow and steady.


(chart gets a bit choppy due to the restarts autoconfig causes)


Gunbot version

Make sure you are on a stable Gunbot v16 version.


Make sure your account is cleaned up. Try to remove any open orders and sell all altcoins prior to running this setup.


The setup requires a BTC starting balance of 20 to 25 times the trading limit as defined in the "experimental" strategy. When you do not change the default trading limit of 0.005 BTC, make sure to have between 0.1 and 0.12 BTC available in your account.

If you want to use a different BTC starting amount, make sure to change the trading limit in the strategy and have 20 to 25 times that as initial BTC balance.

In case your portfolio value grows over time, adjust the trading limit proportionally.


The config file comes preconfigured as much as possible, change the items below with a text editor like Notepad++. Make sure to not remove any , or " When you're ready, copy the file to your gunbot folder and overwrite the existing config.js file.

"gunthy_wallet": "YOUR_GUNTHY_WALLET",
"binance": {
"secret": "YOUR_API_SECRET",
"mastersecret": "YOUR_API_SECRET",


Is fully preconfigured, does not need any manual changes. When you're ready, copy the file to your gunbot folder and overwrite the existing autoconfig.json file.

Make sure the Gunbot core is running by keeping the value for "start" to true in config.js. It is like this by default though.


This setup is meant for educational purposes. Use at your own discretion. Trading is always risky, just because this setup has worked during tests does NOT mean it will keep working profitably in the future. The strategy and pair selection criteria can surely be improved upon, running this setup in watch mode could give you a good idea of what's going on and what could be improved. BNB fees are not used in this setup. The standard fee rate of 0.1% is assumed.


I'd appreciate it if you do not contact me through personal messages about this free config example.