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Broxynet Dynamic sell and Auto DCA

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Config update for current V26 release. 
Market performance stabilised settings.
Simulator tested.


Broxynet has worked this custom Autoconfig into a useful tool, first conceived early 2019. Proven over the past 14 months running our private and demo exchanges. Currently you can see real time trades of broxynet strat working with our custom Dynamic sell and Auto DCA demo on FTX. The Strategy uses a 0.25% buy level, in most cases because we use trail me buy you will see sells between stage #1 (.6-1%) or #2 (1-1.5%). If a DCA is called for our first two DCA buys happen at -2% each. After which Autoconfig will then switch buy down to -5% for another two stages (4 total). Most DCA ends within the first two stages. Rinse and repeat.

The broxynet strat is a simple GAIN strat, nothing fancy. broxynet strat is really only used to do buy orders and confirm sell indicators, making the only settings needed super easy: TRADING_LIMIT, MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL, MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY. Of course you can use your own confirming indicators for sell orders, but you will have to then edit the Autoconfig.json as well to replace the current STOCHRSI with your own. BUY_LEVEL, DCA and TRAIL_ME can be changed also but DCA changes will need to be reflected in the autconfig.json.

The Autoconfig is used to handle our sell "stages" and Auto DCA. The Dynamic sell stages use stochrsi and bepperc filters to determine when a sell order should happen. The Auto DCA uses DU count to increase your buy down levels after a set number of DCA buys.

You can see it in action on


  1. Place the Autoconfig.json from the zip into the root directory for gunbot (where gunthy.exe is located).
  2. Edit the file to include your exchange name thats it there. Reflect the changes if made to sell indicators or DCA. (if you dont know how to make these changes, it is not recommend to do so.)
  3. Next copy and paste the broxynet strat from the broxynet.txt file to your config.json file and edit your trading limit and MVTS/MVTB. You can then add pairs with the strategy name broxynet.
  4. Save and don't forget to enable autoconfig as well. your ready to rumble. (Autoconfig includes strategyName filter so dont worry about current pairs or strategies you have active.) If you feel your sells are happening too soon increase the amount of time each sell filter is checked with schedule.

Simulator results (1 Week):