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BTC & USDT Pairs in 12h uptrend

type_autoconfig developer


Adds both BTC-alt & USDT-alt pairs to Gunbot, while preventing adding pairs with the same ALT to never run into crossover problems.

Up to 10 trading pairs are added. In case the max number of 10 active pairs is reached, it will with adding new pairs until there are free slots again.

The example is set to Binance, but it could be used on other exchanges.

The filter settings attempt to detect pairs that are in a moderate uptrend during the last 12h. Low sat coins and very low volume markets are excluded.

Pair are automatically removed when they have been in the config for more than 60 minutes:

  • In case they do not have a bag worth more than "min volume to sell"
  • disabled pairs are automatically removed

When used together with "count sell: 1" in the strategy, pairs would be disabled after one sell order. This will lead to the pair automatically getting removed after a while. In case the pair would still match the conditions for adding it again, that will automatically happen after removal.

You can add the name of the trading strategy you want to use in the "strategy": lines.

As long as you make sure that you use a different trading strategy for adding BTC- / USDT- pairs, with correct values for "min volume to buy" / "min volume to sell", this setup should prevent all the common problems with trading pairs with crossover between base or quote.

Note: after starting this setup, it will take at least 12h before pairs are added.