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EDIT: 09/06/2021 - Fixed restart issue, increase filter check delay. Included Pre-set USDT-BNB Binance Autoconfig.

Hello again, fellow Gunbotters!

Another simple Autoconfig setup for the community.

The goal of Hodlaeehoo strategy is to accumulate quote balance while still selling small positions when things are just right. In this way we can acquire profits not only in the long term but also sneak in those cheeky sells making this a two function strategy.

We start with a 2% buy_level/keep_quote 0, next we either sell for 4% GAIN or add keep_quote (+ 1x TRADING_LIMIT) and buy again @ -2.99%. This can happen as many times as you like (FUNDS_RESERVED stops buys). To trigger a sell condition the ask price must be above lastsellmp and lastbuymp, we then subtract keep_quote (-1x TRADING_LIMIT). Gunbot will then look for the 4% GAIN sell level. If price then falls again -2.99% we will add back the keep_quote we subtracted during the sell condition and buy again. Rinse and repeat. Steven.


config settings (single pair)

Please edit these setting with the appropriate entries.


Autoconfig settings

edit holddoorA

"overrides": {"KEEP_QUOTE": " this.pair.quoteBalance + 999"},

Replace the last number with quote balance a single buy acquires. example: USD-FTT TL 36 usd, 1 FTT=35 place 1 at end of expression.

Repeat this for holddoorB.

Next use the same number and place it in the hazquote filters in holddoor A and B

"hazquote": {
"type": "biggerThan",
"quoteBalance": 1