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sgHybrid Controller - autonomous spot trading

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Update v1.0.6: TA variant: reduce number of config changes leading to bot restarts, improve error handling for pairs the exchange return incomplete data.
Update v1.0.5: fix several bugs related to properly setting overrides for the detected trading mode to use, should lead to less restarts. Add config presets for okgunbot exchange. Support new 'dynamic exit method' strategy option.
Update v1.0.4: fix several bugs related to handling SL and pair removal afterwards. Remove spread filter for adding pairs on huobi, improve pair exclude filters for kucoin
Update v1.0.3: (requires Gunbot v23.5.0 or higher!) improve conditions for starting pairs in TA\_MODE, fix crashing condition in addPairs job in case pairs from an uncontrolled exchange are present
Update v1.0.2: remove unneeded trading pair from all config presets
Update v1.0.1: fix default strategy name in legacy variant configs This config bundle offers completely autonomous trading with the stepGridHybrid strategy, taking full advantage of the trading modes this strategy offers. You set a few basic settings like how many pairs to trade, the script handles everything else.

Read more about it on Medium:


Two different approaches to pair selection / removal:

  1. scan multiple timeframe charts for pairs that suit one of the stepGridHybrid trading modes
  2. purely based on volatilty (like stepGrid controller)
  • Hundreds of ready made config bundles for spot trading on binance, binanceus, ftx, huobi, kucoin, mex_gunthy and okex (kraken should follow soon)
  • Detailed instructions
  • For devs: a build script and commented source code


  • Scans markets for interesting pairs and adds them automatically, trades them with the stepGrid strategy
  • Evaluates results for active trading pairs, continously replacing the worst performing pair with another
  • Supports trading multiple base currencies on the same account, overlap between pairs is prevented automatically
  • Supports the following base currencies: USDT, BUSD, USDC, USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, BNB. Granular balance settings per base currency.
  • Compounding trading limit, with an option to keep reserves
  • Can free up funds in case the account runs out of money for further buy orders


It’s not feasible for a free config example to test all possible things that could go wrong. Use with caution!


I’d appreciate it if you do not contact me through personal messages about this free config example. Creating and maintaining a free setup like this is a lot of work, it is not reasonable to provide support on top of that. Thanks!