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Add pairs using Tradingview Alerts

A custom AutoConfig filter to add trading pairs to Gunbot after a TradingView alert.

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  • example addPairs job with custom filter


  • Add new pairs to your gunbot config with confirmation from a TradingView alert (you do need the tradingview add-on in Gunbot)
  • Automatically ignores old alerts

Tested on​

  • v21
  • should stay working in future versions

Setup instructions​

The included config uses binance as exchange, and BTC-AUD as placeholder pair. Replace all occurrences of the exchange and pair name in autoconfig.json in case you want to use it on another exchange or prefer to use another placeholder pair.

Setup a disabled, but valid trading pair on your target exchange. This placeholder pair will be only used to receive strategy name alerts on, it does not trade itself. Use the included autoconfig.json file, or copy the filter to your own setup. Make sure to set a valid target strategy for newly added pairs. Create your alert on

Use this alert text, where your replace BTC-DOGE by the pair you want to add: STRAT_BINANCE_AUD-BTC_addBTC-DOGE+{{timenow}}

You can freely combine this method with other filter options already available in AutoConfig. Keep in mind that addPairs jobs fetch tickers each time, don't run them more often than strictly needed.

Placeholder pair:



It’s not feasible for a free config example to test all possible things that could go wrong. Use with caution!


I’d appreciate it if you do not contact me through personal messages about this free config example. Thanks!