Gunbot Ultimate

No compromises: trade on up to five exchanges, using built-in or custom JS strategies.

Gunbot Ultimate

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50% off crypto payments

No compromises: unlimited API slots, mobile app and access to all add-ons

  • Spot & futures trading
  • For all exchanges
  • Unlimited trading pairs
  • All strategies
  • Switch exchange anytime
  • Custom JS strategies
  • Mobile app
  • Gunbot Simulator
  • AutoConfig
  • Backtesting add-on
  • TradingView add-on
  • 2500 Gunthy tokens
  • Telegram community
  • Gunbot School
  • Chat & email support
  • For Windows, Mac, Linux & Raspberry Pi
Detailed plan information

What's in Gunbot Ultimate

Gunbot Ultimate is the highest level license and it includes access to all Gunbot features. Below are the main features that differ from Pro.

Unlimited API slots

Trade all exchanges at the same time. You can change between supported exchanges anytime.

Use TradingView alerts

Use alerts sent from TradingView to trigger trades in Gunbot, can be combined with other strategies.

Mobile app

Easily monitor all your Gunbot Ultimate instances from your phone. App available for Android and iOS.

Gunbot simulator

Run real strategies with real market data, with fake funds. Forward test every strategy variant you can think of.

Custom JavaScript strategies

Got a good strategy idea? Realize it with a custom strategy that can use any external JS module. Gunbot handles the boring part of connecting to exchanges and collecting data, while you have complete control over the strategy part.
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Buy Gunbot - get more than software

Lifetime license

Gunbot is not a cloud service. It runs on your own computer and has no recurring costs.

By running the bot locally, there is no centralized data source that can be hacked.

Global community

Gunbot users on Telegram are a tight community who help each other trade better since 2016.

This is not just some marketing statement, Gunbot is as much a community as it is a trading bot.

Private trading

With Gunbot you can be sure that nobody besides the exchange knows anything about your trades.

Your bot runs on your device, and it shares no data with anyone about the way you trade.