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Creating a Support Ticket for Gunbot

Providing detailed information upfront can significantly speed up the resolution of your issue. While we're here to support you, leveraging the documentation and guides available can often provide immediate solutions to common problems. Thank you for being a proactive member of the Gunbot community.

Before Creating a Support Ticket

We've designed our documentation to be comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics and common issues. Before submitting a support ticket, please explore the available resources. This not only helps in potentially solving your problem quicker but also assists our support team in focusing on issues that require personal attention.

How to Create a Support Ticket

If after consulting our documentation you still need assistance, you can create a support ticket by sending an email to Please note that our team is primarily available during European office hours, and we strive to respond as quickly as possible within those times.

Information to Include in Your Ticket

To expedite the support process, please provide as much information as possible when creating your ticket:

  • Clearly describe the problem: A detailed description of what you're experiencing.
  • License number or Gunthy wallet address: This helps us verify your account quickly.
  • Email address used for Gunbot purchase: If possible, send the email from this address.
  • Screenshots of error messages: Visuals can help clarify the issue you're encountering.
  • Relevant logs: Include the beginning of the error from the log window, especially a few lines above the error message. This is crucial for debugging.
  • Safe config export: If relevant, include a safe export of your bot configuration.
  • Additional files: Such as pair state files from the /json folder, which contain data essential for strategy execution.