Gunbot: Pioneer in Bitfinex Trading Automation

Bitfinex Trading Bot: Enhance Your Trading Experience with Gunbot

Gunbot, a trusted player in Bitfinex trading, offering advanced strategies, active community engagement, and consistent development support.

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Get amazing trades

Gunbot comes with great strategy settings out-of-the-box.
This chart shows trades with the stepGrid strategy.

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    Trade like a pro

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    Select market

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    Connect exchange

Bitfinex - Optimized for Bot Trading

Automate Crypto Trading on Bitfinex

Sync Gunbot with Bitfinex using your API key. Ensure all permissions, besides withdrawals, are enabled for Gunbot to trade efficiently and secure profits. Enjoy the freedom to run unlimited trading pairs on Bitfinex with this trading bot.

24/7 Operation

Gunbot operates relentlessly, ready to seize every market opportunity, day and night.

Strategic Edge

Gunbot arms you with numerous, sophisticated trading strategies. Elevate your trading performance like never before.

Objective Decisions

Gunbot ensures emotion-free trading decisions, strictly aligned with your strategy.

Intuitive Control

Effortlessly customize settings for automated trading on Bitfinex, even via your mobile device.
Bitfinex - Optimized for Bot Trading

Leverage Bitfinex's Potential with an Efficient Trading Bot: Gunbot

Trade across any crypto or fiat pair on Bitfinex with Gunbot. Opt from a range of well-tested strategies, all the while enjoying thorough customization. Despite its user-friendly interface, Gunbot offers access to high-end tactics such as advanced grid-like strategies with multi timeframe trend awareness. Control risks using stop limits, or use automatic averaging down during asset depreciation. With Gunbot, you have a comprehensive toolkit to thrive on Bitfinex.

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