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Optimized for spot trading on, Gunbot allows you to pick from a wide range of preset strategy options or tailor them to your needs. Gunbot simplifies trading with its expansive suite of indicator-driven and price action strategies.

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Gunbot comes with great strategy settings out-of-the-box.
This chart shows trades with the stepGrid strategy.

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Reliable API Support for Seamless Trading

Enhance Your Profits with Automated Trading at

Integrate Gunbot with using your API key, providing all permissions except withdrawals. This will enable Gunbot to facilitate trades on your behalf, driving profits round the clock.

24/7 Performance

Gunbot operates non-stop It capitalizes on every market opportunity, day or night.

Proven Strategies

Gunbot brings you a selection of tried-and-tested, advanced trading strategies specifically optimized for Crypto markets. Experience extraordinary results like never before.

Emotion-Free Investing

Being emotion-free, Gunbot executes your strategy consistently on, making calculated decisions to enhance your trading.

Effortless Control

Manage your automatic trading settings on with ease, even from your mobile device!
Reliable API Support for Seamless Trading

Gunbot: Your Preferred Trading Bot for CRO

Gunbot revolutionizes automated spot trading with advanced strategies tailored for optimization. Dive into the power of Gunbot's intelligent algorithms that facilitate seamless spot trading. Leverage strategies crafted for precision, enabling you to capture market opportunities with ease. From managing your risks through stop limits to setting precise ROE targets, Gunbot equips you with essential tools for maximizing gains in the spot market.

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