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Gunbot: Your Trusted Trading Bot for dYdX

Harness the power of Gunbot on dYdX. With customizable strategies, robust community support, and a dedicated development team, trading has never been so intuitive.

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Get amazing trades

Gunbot comes with great strategy settings out-of-the-box.
This chart shows trades with the stepGrid strategy.

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    Trade like a pro

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    Select market

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    Connect exchange

Fast, Reliable API Trading on dYdX

Automate Your Crypto Trades

Integrate Gunbot with dYdX using your API key, generated when you link your wallet to dYdX. No limits exist on the number of trading pairs you wish to run on dYdX using Gunbot.

Operational 24/7

Gunbot never rests. Capitalize on every market movement, day or night, with unwavering vigilance.

Proven Strategies

With Gunbot, you have access to a wide array of vetted, successful trading strategies. Enhance your profits in a methodical manner.

Emotionless Trading

Gunbot operates devoid of emotions, executing trades according to your chosen strategy without hesitation.

Effortless Management

Managing your automatic trading settings on dYdX is a breeze with Gunbot. Adjust settings even from your mobile device for on-the-go convenience.
Fast, Reliable API Trading on dYdX

Leveraging Gunbot for dYdX Trading

Empower your trades on dYdX with Gunbot. It supports all futures pairs on the platform. Select from a wealth of proven strategies and tailor them to your needs. While simplicity lies at its core, advanced users can employ sophisticated methodologies like multi-timeframe grid patterns or custom coded strategies with Gunbot's AI.

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