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Monitor live Gunbot trading using the multi timeframe stepgridscalp strategy. The chart shows recent trades and current trading targets. Scroll down for performance stats

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ATOM/USDT bot configuration details

This bot configuration is available in Gunbot Standard or higher.


This bot runs the Gunbot stepgridscalp strategy: a highly configurable grid strategy using the IRIS-Trend algorithm to analyze, identify and process price action in real time, identify trend changes dynamically and take advantage of market cycles using a multi timeframe approach.
The settings used are close to the defaults and result in an active and relatively cautious trading style. Download the settings here.


The chart above shows all trading activity for the last 500 bars. Buy trades are shown as upwards pointing triangles ▲, sell trades are displayed as downwards pointing triangles ▼.
Buy and sell target lines visualize where to expect the next trade to happen. During price trailing, a yellow trailing stop line shows where trailing will end. If no buy or sell targets are visible, that means the strategy is waiting for a new market cycle to start.


The stats below show the results for all realized profits and losses on spot. This demonstration bot runs in simulator mode, that means the software records all trades, but does not execute them at the exchange. Trading fees are accounted for in all stats.
If the stats display zero values only, that means the trading pair has not yet made any sell trades.

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