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Trading with Gunbot allows you to make steady profit from the cryptocurrency market. You set the strategy and let Gunbot do the work for you.

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Automated trading

Gunbot is a software package that offers a full suite of tools you need to start with automated trading on cryptocurrency exchange. Pick a successfully tested trading strategy, set your trading limit and pairs and go!

With a trading bot like Gunbot you can automatically buy low and sell higher, and repeat that cycle forever! This way you can make very frequent smaller gains per day.

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Gunbot strategy configurator for automated trading

Supports major crypto exchanges

Trade faster than the rest

With a trading bot you are always on top of the market. As soon as the right conditions appear, your bot will act upon it. This is the biggest advantage compared to manual trading, where you are always limited by the amount of hands and wake time.

With Gunbot you can easily trade on 100 different cryptocurrencies and make profitable trades across all of them all day long.

Advanced features

Use one browser based interface to launch Gunbot trading instances for all the exchanges you trade on.

Exchange support

Gunbot support trading at multiple exchanges simultaneously, each exchange runs in its own process.

Risk management

You only need to configure Gunbot once, adding an exchange is as easy as entering your API details.

It's easy

Easily manage your settings across multipe exchanges. Even from your phone!

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