Gunbot trading strategies

Use the advanced trading strategies of Gunbot to increase your crypto trading profits.

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Gunbot trading strategies enable you to buy low and sell higher

Gunbot offers many different trading strategies, to get the most out of every kind of market situation.

Strategies come in different complexities: Emotionless is perfect for novice users - there are no settings and it just works. Strategies like Trailing Stop / Stop Loss offer very fine grained customization options, enabling to you fully optimize it for each market.

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Gunbot configurator for trading strategies

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BTC surge protection and RSI confirmation

In every Gunbot trading strategy, you can enable BTC surge protection. This prevents buy orders when the BTC market is going through bigger changes. This is configurable using the money flow index for BTC-USD.

To protect you from buying when a market is not yet oversold, you can enable RSI confirmation. This way you can apply your strategy only when RSI values match your preferences. You can use this for selling too!

Advanced features

Use one browser based interface to launch Gunbot trading instances for all the exchanges you trade on.

Exchange support

Gunbot support trading at multiple exchanges simultaneously, each exchange runs in its own process.

Risk management

You only need to configure Gunbot once, adding an exchange is as easy as entering your API details.

It's easy

Easily manage your settings across multipe exchanges. Even from your phone!

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