Different ways of using Gunbot

Swiss army knife of bots

A powerful & diverse trading tool. A closer look at common use cases.

Chart showing bot buying the dips
Buy all the dips

Accumulation bot

Do you manually accumulate certain assets over time? With Gunbot it is really easy to 'buy the dip' - every time. To configure the bot to only accumuluate, just disable the sell part of any strategy, select the timeframe and configure your balance limits.

Use a bot for closing positions
Buy manually, sell like a robot

Gunbot as exit manager

Are you a manual trader? With Gunbot you can speed things up by buying manually and letting the bot take care of optimal exits for your trades. Use powerful sell methods to be sure to sell close to the next peak. With "tssl" you can set a trailing range to handle selling purely based on price action. With grid methods you can scale out in many trades. Because Gunbot always pulls trade data from the exchange, it's perfectly able to mix with manual trading. It will automatically work out the average price per unit including trading fees, based on the available order history on the exchange.

Dashboard showing stats for active trading pairs
100% automation

Fully automated trading

Take advantage of any market movement, 24/7. Gunbot comes fully equipped to trade completely unattended: robust grid strategies make trading easy, aspects like balance management or selection of assets to trade can also be automated. Because automation can accelerate risk, a large part of Gunbot strategy options is dedicated to successful risk management to cope with suddenly changing market conditions.

Average down bags efficiently
Bust bags

Get rid of bags

Made a bad buy and forgot to set a stop limit? It happens and Gunbot can help.

You can use the powerful DCA capabilities in Gunbot to deal with your trading bags. It works by aggressivly averaging down the price per unit, then sell at profit and stop trading the asset.

Alternatively you can use Reversal Trading to accumulate in markets that are strongly trending down. This works by repeatedly selling assets and buying back more units at lower rates. Reversal Trading works with the initial capital only, and uses this to accumulate ever more units.

Read more about Reversal Trading

Execute tradingview alerts
Full customization

Execute TradingView alerts

Using the TradingView add-on, Gunbot can listen to incoming email alerts from tradingview.com and immediately execute the orders at your exchange. You can use this to easily execute fully custom strategies coded in pine script on any supported exchange. Simply make sure your script sends alerts that conform to the alert message syntax that Gunbot accepts. You can also mix Gunbot strategies with TradingView alerts.

Provide liquidity for your project
Fill the order book

Provide liquidity

If you're a stakeholder in a crypto project, it could be you need to increase liquidity for your project.

Using a simple staggered order strategy each Gunbot Standard or higher license can be used as liquidity provider for spot trading, both on the taker and maker side. You can choose between purely providing liquidity, or aiming to reach at least break even.

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