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Revolutionize Your Trading on Coinbase Advanced with Gunbot

Gunbot streamlines your trading experience on Coinbase Advanced by providing advanced strategies, robust charting, and AI-driven customization. Join our community backed by a committed development team.

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Get amazing trades

Gunbot comes with great strategy settings out-of-the-box.
This chart shows trades with the stepGrid strategy.

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    Trade like a pro

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    Select market

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    Connect exchange

Optimize Earnings through Automated Trading on Coinbase Advanced

Link Gunbot to your Coinbase Advaned account using your API key - just remember to enable all permissions except withdrawals. This allows Gunbot to seamlessly trade on your behalf, enhancing profitability. There's no cap on the number of trading pairs you can operate on Coinbase Advanced with Gunbot.

Operational Around the Clock

Gunbot tirelessly works 24/7, capitalizing on every market opportunity that arises, day or night.

Superior Strategies

Gunbot equips you with a plethora of proven trading strategies, along with an option to code custom strategies using Gunbot AI.

Emotionless Trading

As a bot, Gunbot eliminates emotional decision-making, ensuring consistent execution of your chosen strategy.

Effortless Management

With Gunbot, managing automatic trading on Coinbase Advanced is as simple as a few clicks, even from your mobile device.

Unleash Potential with Gunbot: A Coinbase Advanced Trading Bot

With Gunbot, trade across all crypto or fiat pairs available on Coinbase Advanced. Configure from a variety of tested strategies to meet your specific needs. While Gunbot is known for its simplicity, it also offers advanced grid-like strategies that are multi-timeframe trend aware. Set stop limits for risk management or enable automatic averaging down when an asset begins to depreciate. Benefit from the cutting-edge tools Gunbot offers to maximize your gains on Coinbase.","block1Alt": "Coinbase Advanced trading bot

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