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Creating an API Key with Coinbase Developer Platform

For Gunbot users on Coinbase Advanced Exchange, creating an API key is a vital step. This guide will help you through the process:

Step-by-Step Guide

Direct link to Coinbase Advanced Exchange API settings: Coinbase Developer Platform API Management.

Before starting, note that new API key may take up to 48 hours to activate upon creation at Coinbase.

Remember, setting up your API key correctly is crucial for safe and efficient trading on Coinbase Advanced Exchange with Gunbot.

  1. Log into Coinbase Advanced Exchange: First, sign in to your Coinbase Advanced Exchange account.
  2. Access API Settings: In your account, go to the 'Settings' and navigate to the API tab.
  3. Create New API Key: Click on the " Create & Manage API Keys with Coinbase Developer Platform" button to to be directed to the Coinbase Developer Portal.
  4. Select API Keys on the right toolbar: In the developer portal, find and click on the 'API Keys' option in the right toolbar.
  5. API Key Permissions: It’s important to ensure that your API key has the correct permissions. The screenshot below shows an example of working API permissions.
  6. Finalize API Key Creation: After setting the appropriate permissions, complete the creation of your API key.

Required permissions

Coinbase Developer Platform API Keys Creation