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Gunbot Installation Guide

For most users, installing Gunbot is as simple as extracting the software from the zip file and running it. This method generally works across different operating systems.

Quick Instructions per Operating System


On Windows, after unzipping the Gunbot files, you might need to check the executable file's properties. Right-click on the Gunbot executable, select 'Properties,' and ensure that the 'Unblock' checkbox is ticked. This step is crucial if your Windows installation has a policy the forbids running downloaded program files.


On a Mac, you might need to adjust the security settings after unzipping the Gunbot files to allow Gunbot to run, as macOS can restrict applications downloaded from the internet for security reasons.


Linux users should ensure that the Gunbot executable has the necessary permissions. This can be done using the terminal. Navigate to the Gunbot directory and use the command chmod +x gunthy-linux to make the file executable.

Detailed instructions per Operation System