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Installing Gunbot on ArmV7l (Raspberry Pi)

Gunbot users who want to operate on a Raspberry Pi, specifically on the ArmV7l architecture, should note the current compatibility limitations. As of now, newer Gunbot versions not supported due to library and performance constraints of the Raspberry Pi. The last compatible version is Gunbot v24.


Before proceeding, ensure you have a Raspberry Pi 4 ready for setup. This guide focuses on installing Gunbot v24, which is the latest version supported on this platform.

Downloading the ARM Build

Start by obtaining the ARM build of Gunbot v24:

  1. Visit the official Gunbot ARM build repository.
  2. Download the file.

Gunbot ARM Build Download

Installation Steps

Extracting the Files

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Transfer the unzipped files to your desired directory. For example, /home/pi/Desktop/Gunbot.

Unzipping Gunbot Files

Setting Up Permissions

  1. Open the terminal on your Raspberry Pi or connect via SSH.

  2. Navigate to the Gunbot directory:

    cd /home/pi/Desktop/Gunbot
  3. Modify file permissions to make the Gunbot executable:

    chmod +x gunthy-arm

Setting Permissions

Launching Gunbot

Execute the following command to start Gunbot:


Upon successful execution, Gunbot will run in the terminal.

Gunbot Running

Accessing Gunbot

To interact with Gunbot:

  • On your Raspberry Pi, navigate to http://localhost:5000 in a web browser.
  • From another device on the same network, use http://<Raspberry-Pi-IP>:5000.


If you encounter errors when starting Gunbot, install the required dependencies:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install crossbuild-essential-armhf
sudo apt-get install libatomic1
sudo apt-get install libatomic1-armhf

After installing dependencies, try launching Gunbot again:



With these steps, you should have Gunbot up and running on your Raspberry Pi 4. This setup allows for a lightweight and efficient trading bot operation, suitable for users preferring a compact hardware solution.