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Gunbot Quickstart Guide

Welcome to the Gunbot Quickstart Guide! If you're new to Gunbot, you're in the right place. This guide focuses on setting up Gunbot with the StepGrid strategy, known for its ease of configuration and suitability for beginners. However, the core steps detailed here are broadly applicable across all strategies.

Installation & Startup

Downloading Gunbot

First things first, get the latest stable version of Gunbot from the official download page. This is also the page where you can get future software updates.

Installation Steps

  1. Download: Choose the appropriate Gunbot zip file for your operating system from the official site.
  2. Extract: Unzip the contents into a designated folder. This is where your Gunbot will live, so pick a spot you'll remember.
  3. Firewall Configuration (Optional): If you plan to access the interface from the internet, configure your firewall to allow TCP traffic on port 3000. If you're using it on your local network, then you likely wont need firewall changes.
  4. Launch and Access: Run the Gunbot executable. Then, open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000 to enter the Gunbot interface..

For a tailored installation experience, refer to the guides specific to your OS:

License Setup

Getting your license up and running involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. License Key Entry: Start by entering your license key to verify it. Enter license key

  2. License Type Selection: Choose between a subscription or lifetime plan. Select license type

  3. API Key Registration: Register the first API key for trading. Remember, safeguard your secret key at all times. For API key creation, see creating API keys. Register API key

  4. ERC-20 Wallet Registration (Lifetime License Only): If you have a lifetime license, link an ERC-20 wallet to receive Gunthy tokens. The easiest way to get a wallet is to use the generate option. You'll get the wallet as a text file. Register wallet

  5. Finalize by clicking the 'register license' button. You'll know it's done when you see the following message: License registration confirmation

Selecting Market Type

For this guide, we're focusing on spot trading pairs. Simply select 'spot' as your market type in the wizard. This can be changed at any time.

Select market type

Connecting to an Exchange

Connect the exchange where you've registered your API key:

  1. Select Your Exchange: Identify and select the exchange you're using. Select exchange

  2. Enter API Credentials: Carefully input your API secret and other required credentials. Enter exchange credentials

Click 'update exchange settings' to save your input.

Congratulations! Your exchange is now connected, and you're all set to start using Gunbot with the StepGrid strategy.

Configure a Trading Pair

Setting up a trading pair in Gunbot is a straightforward process. This guide walks you through each step, ensuring a smooth setup for your trading activities.

Adding a Trading Pair

Begin by selecting the 'add pair' button in the Gunbot interface. This is your gateway to tailor your trading strategy.

Add Pair Button

Proceed by choosing your preferred trading pair from the list. This decision defines the market in which you'll be participating.

Select Trading Pair

Configuring USDT-BTC as an Example

Consider you're setting up a USDT-BTC pair with a 2500 USDT capital, distributed over 50 buy orders. Follow these steps:

  1. Opt for the 'stepgrid' strategy for both buying and selling. This strategy is designed for a consistent trading pattern, suitable for frequent, smaller trades.
  2. Set the trading limit to 50 (2500 / 50 = 50 USDT per trade). This helps in managing your investment effectively.
  3. Restrict the max investment to 2500 USDT to prevent the bot from exceeding your designated limit.

Strategy Settings

After setting these parameters, a pair overview will confirm the completion of your configuration.

Pair Overview

Tips for Starting Funds

For new trades like USDT-BTC, it's recommended to start with no coin balance (ETH). This allows the strategy to start buying and keep track of the break even price from the starting point.

Optional: Telegram Notifications

You can activate Telegram notifications for immediate updates on your trades. This optional step can be done later if preferred.

Telegram Notifications

Interface Selection

Gunbot offers two interface modes:

  • Basic Interface: Simple and straightforward, recommended for new users.
  • Advanced Interface: Offers detailed settings and dashboard, suited for experienced traders.

Choose according to your comfort level with the platform.

Select Interface

Starting Trading

Once your pair is set, hit the 'start bot' button to commence trading.

Trade Monitoring

Monitor your trades in real-time through the Gunbot interface. It provides essential information like break-even points and target goals.

Trading Chart

Interpreting Trade Results

The dashboard gives you a snapshot of your trade performance, focusing on realized profits, which include gains and losses at the time of selling the asset.


Adjusting Bot Settings

Feel free to adjust your strategy settings at any time. The bot will adapt to these changes without interrupting its current operations.

You're now ready to trade with your configured pair in Gunbot. Best of luck!