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Find your license key

If you're setting up a new Gunbot installation or need to re-enter your license key, you need to know where to find it. This guide tries to help with that.

For New Users and Active Subscription Holders

As a new Gunbot user or if you have an active subscription, your license key is easy to find:

  • Your License Key: It's the same as the order number in your order confirmation email coming from
  • Example: Look for a format similar to 1702928461038-1ENdwjt7eTkawM3ySsuJKfvm9EXbvEiH in your email.

For Users with an Activated Lifetime License

If you are an existing user with an activated lifetime license, your process differs slightly:

  • Your License Key: In this case, your Gunthy wallet address serves as your license key.
  • Finding Your Wallet Address: This is the address where you received your Gunthy tokens. Refer to your wallet or transaction history if you're unsure.

By following these steps, you can quickly locate your Gunbot license key and proceed with your setup or reconfiguration. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out for support.