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Understanding Your Gunbot Folder Structure

When you start using Gunbot, it's crucial to understand the files and folders in your Gunbot directory. Each file and folder has a specific purpose, and knowing what they do can help you navigate and use Gunbot more effectively. Below is a detailed guide to what you'll find in your Gunbot folder.

Gunbot Folder Structure

Key Files and Folders

Here's a breakdown of the essential files and folders in your Gunbot setup:

Configuration and Database Files

  • autoconfig-pairVariables.json: Holds variables set by AutoConfig, if utilized.
  • autoconfig-stats.json: Manages AutoConfig statistics.
  • autoconfig.json: The main AutoConfig file, crucial for your custom or prebuilt configurations.
  • config.js: Your primary configuration file. It includes strategies, pairs, and encrypted API keys. Never share this file! Use the config export tool in the interface to get a safe export.
  • gunbotgui.db: Database related to Gunbot's graphical user interface (GUI).
  • new_gui.sqlite: Another GUI-related database file.
  • session.json: This file also relates to the GUI.
  • tgconfig.json: Configuration for the Telegram bot.

Log and Backup Files

  • backups: Contains backups of your configurations and logs.
  • err.log: Logs any errors encountered by Gunbot.
  • gunbot_logs: A comprehensive log of Gunbot's operations.
  • logs: Stores logs specific to AutoConfig.

Strategy and Indicator Files

  • customStrategies: A folder dedicated to your custom strategies.
  • tulid: Houses the indicator library.

Additional Files

  • bitrage_total_profits.sqlite and bitrage.sqlite: SQL databases for Bitrage profit and loss calculations.
  • config-js-example.txt: An example configuration file; can be removed if not needed.
  • conversion.json: Deals with currency conversions (GUI-related).
  • cs: The Telegram Bot directory.
  • gunthy-*: The executable files for running Gunbot.
  • json: Contains data for all traded or currently trading pairs.
  • node_modules: A folder for Gunbot's dependencies.
  • MSE.json and UTAconfig.json: Files that are currently not relevant.

Understanding these components of your Gunbot folder will help you manage and customize your trading bot more effectively. Remember, some files are crucial for the bot's operation and should be handled with care, especially the config.js file.