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Understanding Gunbot: Key Acronyms and Terms

When navigating the Gunbot groups or support documents, you'll encounter a variety of acronyms and terms. It's good to understand these for efficient and effective trading. Below, we've compiled a list of common ones for your convenience.

Common Acronyms

  • MVTS: This stands for MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL, an essential parameter in Gunbot's configuration.
  • MVTB: Short for MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY, another key parameter in your Gunbot setup.
  • TL: This represents the TRADING_LIMIT parameter.
  • ITB: Stands for IGNORE_TRADES_BEFORE, a parameter that helps in managing your trading timeline.
  • JSON: Refers to JavaScript Object Notation. In Gunbot context, it's the format of configuration and core files. For instance, when someone asks to see your "jsons", they're likely referring to files like exchange-BASE_QUOTE-state.json in your Gunbot's location.
  • DU: An acronym for Double Up, a strategy used for managing your trading bags.
  • TTO: Refers to TSSL_TARGET_ONLY, a specific parameter in Gunbot.
  • RT: Short for Reversal Trading, a strategy aimed at managing your trading bags.
  • RTSB: Stands for RT_SELL_BUYDOWN, a parameter within the Reversal Trading strategy.
  • RTBB: Represents RT_BUY_BUYDOWN, another parameter in the Reversal Trading setup.
  • BEP: Break-even point, also known as average bought price.

Common Terms

The Console/Terminal

The console, or terminal, is the window that displays Gunbot's operations once you initiate it.


The term logs refers to the ongoing data displayed in the Gunbot console. These logs are critical for identifying errors and are also saved in the gunbot_logs folder.

The Grid

The grid area in Gunbot displays vital information about core checks, indicators, and trading checks. It's a key section for understanding Gunbot's operations, except for the emotionless strategy which doesn't display a grid.

Core Checks

Includes details like stop limits, buy/sell conditions, panic sell status, and more.


This section reveals the calculated indicators used by Gunbot for trading decisions.

Trading checks

Shows current prices, balances, entry and exit points, and other crucial trading data.


This section offers a detailed view of your trading pair's profit or loss statistics, taking fees into account.

JSON State Files

These files are comprehensive records of Gunbot's view on a specific trading pair and can be found in the json directory of your Gunbot installation.


The safeconfig file is a sanitized version of your config.js, devoid of sensitive data like API keys and wallet addresses. It's safe to share, for instance, with support teams.