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Why Your Gunbot Isn't Trading

Encountering a situation where your Gunbot isn't initiating trades can be puzzling, especially for new users. While the underlying cause may sometimes seem complex, more often than not, the solution is straightforward.

Troubleshooting Steps for Non-Trading Gunbot

To unravel the mystery of a non-trading Gunbot, follow this practical checklist:

Ensure Proper Bot Operation

First and foremost, confirm that your bot is running as expected. A good indicator is the presence of a 'grid' output with trading data in the console window, signifying that your bot is processing pairs correctly.

Disable Watch Mode

Verify that the Watch Mode option is disabled. This mode allows you to observe the bot's potential actions without actually executing any trades.

Check Strategy Settings

Inspect your trading strategy settings within the Strategy Configurator. It's crucial to ensure that both buying and selling options are enabled to facilitate active trading.

Balance Settings Review

Double-check your balance settings. They should be configured correctly and meet the minimum trade size requirements of the exchange you are using.

Adjust Buy Level Setting

Consider adjusting the Buy Level setting. The default value of 1 might be too restrictive under certain market conditions or for specific trading pairs. Experiment with lowering this setting to encourage more frequent trading.

Modify Trailing for Selling

If you're utilizing trailing for selling, try reducing the sell range. This modification can help in triggering sell orders more effectively under varying market conditions.