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How to Update Gunbot

To maintain optimal performance and access to new features in Gunbot, regular updates are crucial. This guide ensures that you can update your Gunbot efficiently while preserving your historical data.

Major Version Upgrade (e.g., v25 to v27)

Upgrading from one major version to another, like v25 to v27, involves the following steps:

  1. Download the Latest Version: Obtain the latest Gunbot version from the
  2. Stop Gunbot: Ensure Gunbot is not running.
  3. Unzip the Downloaded File: Extract the contents to a temporary folder.
  4. Overwrite Specific Files and Folders:
    • From the temporary folder, copy the cs, gui, node_modules, tulind folders, and the gunthy- executable (e.g., gunthy-linux, gunthy-win).
    • Paste these files and folders into your main Gunbot installation folder, replacing existing ones with the same names.

Relevant Files and Folders

Minor Version Upgrade (e.g., v21.0.1 to v21.0.2)

For minor updates within the same major version:

  1. Download the Update: Get the updated executable from the official site.
  2. Stop Gunbot: Make sure Gunbot is completely off.
  3. Unzip the Downloaded File: Extract the contents to a temporary folder.
  4. Overwrite the Executable:
    • Copy the gunthy- executable (e.g., gunthy-linux, gunthy-win) from the temporary folder.
    • Replace the existing executable in your main Gunbot installation folder with the copied one.

Special Instructions

Occasionally, updates might include specific instructions similar to a major version upgrade. Always check for any such instructions accompanying the update to ensure a smooth transition.

Following these guidelines will help you update Gunbot effectively, keeping your historical data intact and your bot running smoothly with the latest features.