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API slots

Gunbot's API slots are used for connecting to exchanges. For example, with Gunbot Pro's 3 API slots, you can handle three different exchanges at once. This guide will walk you through managing these API slots effectively.

The overview page is where you manage your API slots. Here, you'll find options to:

  • Edit: Adjust settings for a registered exchange.
  • Remove: Delete a key from your slots, also removing related trading pairs from settings.
  • Archive: Save credentials in an archive for future use. Frees up the slot.
  • Add New: Register a new exchange, given a free slot is available.

Before finalizing any changes, select an active exchange to authenticate the request. Even if you have just removed an exchange from a slot, you can still use it for authentication. Remember, changes are only confirmed and saved after the API slot update is successfully completed.

Select an active exchange to authenticate your edits.

API slots overview


Authenticating changes with an existing exchange connection is required for security.

Purchasing additional Exchange Slots lets you add the same exchange more than once.

How to Edit API Slots

Editing an API slot involves filling in the necessary fields for exchange connection. Changes are saved after successful authentication.

Editing Options:

  • Clear Registered Key: To use a new API key for the exchange.
  • Clear Archived Credentials: To remove pre-filled archived credentials and allow you to enter new data.

Edit API slot

No access to a working exchange anymore?

When there are no working keys left in your Gunbot installation, get in touch with support to register a working key.