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Testnet API Keys

When you're ready to take your strategy testing to the next level, connecting testnet API keys in Gunbot offers a realistic environment for testing. This approach allows you to simulate trading with all API calls involved, using an exchange's test environment.

Setting Up Testnet API Credentials

To start testing with a testnet:

  1. Create testnet API credentials on your chosen exchange. Many exchanges offer test environments, each with its own setup process.

Configuring Gunbot for Testnet Trading

To configure Gunbot for testnet trading:

  1. Navigate to 'Manage API Slots'.
  2. Add a new API slot or edit an existing one.
  3. Ensure you tick the 'Use testnet' option when entering your API credentials.

Understanding Testnets vs. Gunbot Simulator

Both testnets and Gunbot simulator serve as tools for testing trading strategies, each presenting distinct advantages based on their operational environment.

  • Testnets are provided by exchanges as parallel trading environments with their own market dynamics and order books. These environments allow for testing strategies in a simulated market setup, reflecting a different set of conditions that might not mirror real markets exactly.

  • Gunbot Simulator uses actual market data to simulate trading activities. It enables testing against real-time market conditions without executing genuine trades. A key advantage of the simulator is the ability to run multiple instances of Gunbot, each testing different strategy variations on the same market data. This capability allows for comprehensive strategy testing and optimization, which is not feasible with testnets due to the order history and balances being shared by multiple bot instances.

Each tool's choice depends on the specific testing requirements and the desired fidelity of the simulation to real-world trading conditions.