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How to Add a New Exchange

Adding a new exchange to Gunbot is a straightforward process. This guide will walk you through each step.

Accessing 'Manage API Slots'

First, navigate to the Manage API Slots section in your Gunbot interface. This is where you can manage your exchange connections.

API slots overview

Checking for Free Slots

Look for available free slots in your API slots list. If a slot is free, you'll see a '+' symbol. Click on this symbol to proceed.

If you have no free slots and want to add a new key, use the 'trash can icon' to remove a key first.

Selecting the Exchange

From the list, select the exchange you wish to connect to Gunbot.

Exchange list

Entering Credentials

Enter your exchange credentials in the provided fields. This includes your API key and secret. Ensure that these details are entered correctly.


Saving and Authentication

After entering your credentials, save your settings. Select a working exchange to authenticate these changes effectively.

Finalizing and Using the New Exchange

Once completed, the new exchange is now added to your Gunbot. You can use this exchange in the trading settings page to start adding trading pairs.

Additional Information for Additional Exchange Slots

If you own an additional exchange slot, the process remains the same. The only difference is in selecting the exchange with a numbered suffix in the list (e.g., 'Binance #2').