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Exchange settings

Connecting your Gunbot to an exchange is the first step towards automated trading. This page describes the various settings you can encounter when connecting a new exchange.

Exchange connection setup

Detailed Settings Overview

Each setting in Gunbot plays a crucial role in connecting to your exchange. Here's a breakdown of what each setting means:

API KeyYour unique API key associated with your Gunbot license for the chosen exchange.
API SecretThe corresponding secret for your API Key. Keep this secure.
Processing DelayThe interval in seconds between processing trading pairs. A standard value is 10, but adjustments can be made based on the exchange's requirements.
Rate LimitForced wait time in milliseconds between any two API requets. Adjust this to modify cycling times, especially useful for high-frequency trading.
Trading FeesInput the trading fee percentage applicable to your exchange. This helps in accurate profit calculations.
Passphrase (for certain exchanges)Required by some exchanges, this passphrase complements your API key.
Client ID (for certain exchanges)An additional identifier required by some exchanges, alongside your API Key and Secret.
Market (for certain exchanges)Select the market type (e.g., spot, swap, delivery, futures) for exchanges that necessitate this specification.
testnet (for certain exchanges)Allows you to use a testnet api key, from the selected exchange
Advanced Configuration

Power users can opt for a master/slave API key setup. This allows the use of a separate API key for trading, different from the one registered to your license. You can configure this directly in the config.js file or through Gunbot's code editor. Remember, the master API key must match the one linked to your license, and the slave key should originate from the same exchange account.