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Creating an OKX API Key

For Gunbot users trading on OKX, having a dedicated API key is essential. Here's how to create an OKX API key:

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Log into OKX: Start by accessing your OKX account.

  2. Navigate to API Management: In your account, go to 'Profile', then 'API', and choose 'Create V5 API Key'.

  3. Name Your API Key: Assign a name to your API key and set a passphrase. The passphrase is like an additional password needed to access OKX with your API key. Remember to note it down securely.

  4. Configure API Key Permissions: Make sure all necessary permissions are enabled for your trading activities on OKX.

  5. Finalize API Key Creation: Review all settings and complete the setup of your API key.

OKX API Key Creation

Direct link to OKX API settings: OKX API Management.

Setting up your API key correctly is important for secure and efficient trading on OKX with Gunbot.