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Creating a Binance Futures API Key

Integrating Binance Futures with Gunbot requires a specific API key. The creation process is similar to that of the spot market on Binance, with some nuances. Here’s how you can create a futures API Key on Binance:

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Log into Binance: Start by logging into your Binance account.

  2. Navigate to API Management: In your profile, find 'API Management' and select it to manage your API keys.

  3. Create a New API Key: Choose 'Create API' and select 'System Generated'. This action will begin the process of creating a new futures API key.

  4. Label Your Key: Assign a label to your API key. This label helps in identifying and managing the key, especially if you have multiple keys.

  5. Finalize the API Key Creation: After labeling, finalize the creation of your API key. Ensure that all the necessary permissions are enabled for futures trading.

Binance Futures API Key Creation

To directly access Binance Futures API settings, you can visit Binance Futures API Management.

Creating an API key for Binance Futures is an essential step in setting up your trading bot. Remember to review all settings carefully to ensure a secure and efficient trading experience.