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Stay Informed on the Go: Setting Up Telegram Notifications for Gunbot

Gunbot offers seamless integration with Telegram to keep you updated about your trading activities. This guide will lead you through setting up Telegram notifications, enabling you to stay connected with your trades anytime, anywhere.

Starting with Telegram Settings in Gunbot

Begin by configuring your Telegram settings in Gunbot:

Access Telegram Settings:
Click on your profile icon in Gunbot.

Telegram Settings Image 1

Expand the Telegram section to view the settings.

Telegram Settings Image 2

Enable the Telegram Bot:
Toggle the switch to 'true' to activate the Telegram bot feature.

Telegram Bot Enable Image 1

Prepare to enter the required information in the fields that appear.

Telegram Bot Enable Image 2

Configuring Your Personal Telegram Bot

Giving Your Bot a Personality: Nickname & Bot Token

Choose a unique nickname for your Gunbot Telegram Bot.
Get your Bot Token, which is critical for linking Gunbot with your Telegram Bot. Here's how:

Start a chat with BotFather on Telegram.

Press Start at the bottom of your screen.

BotFather Start

Create a new bot by selecting /newbot.

New Bot Creation

Name your bot and choose a username for it, ending in _bot or Bot.

Bot Naming

Bot Username

Copy the API Token provided by BotFather.

BotFather API Token

Paste this token into the 'Bot Token' field in Gunbot.

Establishing Your Chat ID

Get Your Personal Chat ID, which is how Gunbot identifies you on Telegram:

Chat with @myidbot on Telegram.

Send /getid to receive your unique chat ID.

Chat ID Retrieval

Enter this ID in the 'Chat ID' field in Gunbot.

Group or Channel Notifications

For notifications in a group or channel, add @myidbot there and use /getgroupid to obtain the ID.

Admin ID: Your Exclusive Access

Ensure your Admin ID is your personal ID to interact exclusively with your Telegram Bot. For group or channel setups, use your personal ID, not the group/channel ID.


Remember, for group or channel setups, the Admin ID should be your personal ID, not the group's or channel's.

Activating Your Telegram Bot

With all settings configured:

Hit 'apply' and then 'save settings' in Gunbot.

Wait for the bot to load as indicated in the Gunbot console.

Bot Loading

Start a chat with your bot in Telegram by sending the /start command, unveiling a clickable menu.

Chat Start

Congratulations! You're all set to receive timely buy and sell notifications through your Telegram bot.

Final Step