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Why Gunbot

💥 Gunbot is a leading-edge and user-friendly crypto trading bot that offers advanced trading strategies. You can easily define or select your preferred trading strategy, while Gunbot executes trades 24/7, potentially delivering hundreds of successful trades per day.

🧐 For optimal security, Gunbot operates exclusively on your local computer or server. This ensures maximum privacy for your trading API secrets so that nobody can interfere with or monitor your trades.

🦄 It's packed with exceptional features, including real-time visualization of your strategy using TradingView charts, modifying rule-based settings with AutoConfig, writing completely custom strategies with JavaScript, or generating them with the cutting-edge Gunbot AI.

The best part? With just a one-time fee, you'll receive a lifetime license and software updates with no recurring subscription costs.

💡 Gunbot supports trading across several popular crypto exchanges, including decentralized trading (Defi), making it an ideal choice for traders looking for versatility.

❤️ Join thousands of satisfied traders and experience the benefits of the amazing Gunbot community.