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New in v28

Gunbot v28, also referred to as Gunbot NextGen, introduces significant updates and enhancements. This version features a new basic interface ideal for novice users, the introduction of limit Grid Bots, simplified API management, additional order types for custom strategies, and numerous bug fixes.

This page highlights the most important changes..

Active developement

We are currently in an active phase of development, releasing fixes and feature additions incrementally. Keep an eye on our announcement channel on Telegram for the latest updates.

Steps to Upgrade Without Losing Data
  1. Download: Get the complete release file from here.
  2. Unzip: Extract the file to a new folder.
  3. Stop the Old Bot: Ensure the old version of your bot is completely stopped.
  4. Backup: Copy your existing bot folder to make a backup.
  5. Replace Executable: Move the Gunbot executable from the new release to your existing bot folder.
  6. Start Gunbot: Launch Gunbot as usual.

New Features:

  • Introduction of Basic Mode interface for simpler setup and configuration.
  • Improved API Management.
  • New Gridbots using limit orders.
  • Interface is now also available in both dark and light mode.
  • Additional order types now available.
  • New strategy options for stop loss and max capital usage.

Core Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues with Bybit and dydx, including a fix for Bybit's 0 position size error and dydx's trading halt after extended operation.
  • Improved handling of market orders and double API secret encryption issues for dydx users.
  • Addressed ABP and balance data issues for Bybit unified_spot accounts.
  • Enhanced GUI functionality, including Trading Terminal fixes and AI strategy creation prompt updates.
  • Made significant improvements to Coinbase Advanced integration, focusing on frontend changes, order handling, balance updates and AutoConfig support.
  • Additional refinements include decreased cycling times for pairs, resolution of freezing behavior in core.
  • Introduced a new function to address potential WebSocket issues with Binance.

Frontend Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved GUI issues with new installations, mobile device crashes, and loading delays.
  • Improved chart rendering speed and strategy indicator display.
  • Integrated Coinbase Advanced into the GUI for asset management.

Quanta-G Updates:

  • Fixed Autosetup issues respecting watchmode settings.
  • Enhanced backend GUI compatibility and parameter change code structure.
  • Improved display of interval profits and tooltips.