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Basic Mode Interface Walkthrough

This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the Gunbot interface in its basic mode. Ideal for new users, this mode simplifies trading activities while offering basic functionality.

Basic mode

This article shows the interface in basic mode.

Selecting Market Type

Begin by choosing your market type in the Gunbot setup wizard. For spot trading pairs, select 'spot.' You can change this setting at any time.

Select market type

Connecting to an Exchange

To connect Gunbot to your exchange, follow these steps:

  1. Select Your Exchange: Choose the exchange where you have registered your API key.

    Select exchange

  2. Enter API Credentials: Enter your API secret and other necessary credentials.

    Enter exchange credentials

After entering the details, click 'update exchange settings' to save your configurations. Your exchange is now connected, and you're ready to start using Gunbot with the StepGrid strategy.

Configure a Trading Pair

Setting up a trading pair in Gunbot is just a simple step:

  1. Selecting a Trading Pair: Choose your preferred trading pair from the list.

    Select Trading Pair

Configuring USDT-BTC as an Example

To set up a USDT-BTC pair, consider these parameters:

  1. Choose the 'stepgrid' strategy for both buying and selling, ideal for regular, smaller trades.
  2. Set the trading limit to 50 (2500 / 50 = 50 USDT per trade), managing your investment effectively.
  3. Restrict max investment to 2500 USDT to maintain your investment limit.

Strategy Settings

The pair overview confirms your configuration completion.

Pair Overview

Optional: Telegram Notifications

Activate Telegram notifications for immediate trade updates. This step can be configured later if preferred.

Telegram Notifications

Interface Selection

Gunbot offers two interface modes:

  • Basic Interface: Simple and user-friendly, suitable for new users.
  • Advanced Interface: Detailed settings and dashboard for experienced traders.

Select the mode that best fits your experience level.

Select Interface

Starting Trading

Once your pair is set, click the 'start bot' button to initiate trading.

Trade Monitoring

Monitor your trades in real-time using the Gunbot interface, which provides vital information like break-even points and target goals.

Trading Chart

Interpreting Trade Results

The dashboard offers a snapshot of your trade performance, focusing on realized profits and including both gains and losses.