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Simulator Mode

The Simulator mode is designed to enable users to forward test their trading strategies using real market data in a fully simulated spot environment. This mode offers a close approximation of real trading outcomes, providing valuable insights without the risk of actual trading.

How the Simulator Works

This mode creates a virtual trading environment where users can apply their strategies against real-time market data. The simulation incorporates all aspects of trading, except for slippage, which is not simulated as it would occur on a real exchange.

Benefits of Using the Simulator

Utilizing the Simulator allows for a risk-free assessment of trading strategies. The results generated closely mirror those of real trading scenarios, making it an invaluable tool for strategy refinement. However, users should note the absence of slippage in the simulation.

Setting Up the Simulator

To activate and use the Simulator mode:

  1. Access the Simulator feature through the Gunbot interface, add starting balances when you use Gunbot in advanced mode.
  2. Configure your trading strategy parameters as desired.
  3. Begin the simulation with real market data to test your strategy.

Before beginning to trade in simulator mode, you can set starting balances.

Things to watch out for

To prevent simulated results mixing up with any kind of real trading, it is recommended to run simulator in a completely separate instance of gunbot.

If you need to reset or adjust the balances after the simulator has been startend, then you need to delete the json folder. Make sure to do this while Gunbot is turned off and be aware that all trading data gets reset.

Setup Video

Interpreting Simulation Results

The Simulator provides detailed outcomes of your strategy testing, enabling you to analyze and refine your trading approach based on these results. The results are shown on the dashboard in the same way that Gunbot reports real trading results.

Limitations and Considerations

While the Simulator offers a high degree of accuracy in mirroring real trading, it does not account for slippage. Users should adjust their expectations and strategy assessments accordingly.