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About strategy builder

The strategy builder for spot markets enables you to create and personalize your trading strategy by providing a vast range of options. You have the flexibility to choose any two methods as the primary buy and sell triggers.

Additionally, there are several modules that allow you to extend your strategy functionality beyond the criteria for the primary order triggers: in categories such as Balance, Indicator, TrailMe, DCA, Confirming indicators, Reversal trading, Stop loss, and Misc.


A builder strategy is a set of conditions that must all be met before a trade is executed. For example, if the buy method criteria are satisfied, the strategy will not execute a trade until all other specified conditions, such as confirmation from an indicator or additional trailing requirements, are also met simultaneously.

Available buy and sell methods

MethodDescription (short)
adxuses the ADX indicator to trade only when trends are strong enough.
atrtsuses the ATR indicator to measure volatility changes and trade on a trailing stop.
bbbuy and sell at configurable points between the lower and upper Bollinger Bands.
bbtabuy and sell after a reentry at configurable points between the lower and upper Bollinger Bands.
emaspreaduses the spread between slow and fast EMA to trade when price direction changes.
emotionless"just works" strategy. Hardly any configurable parameters. Perfect for novice traders.
gainbuy at a percentage below EMA, sell when your set gain is reached.
ichimokutrading algorithm based on the Ichimoku cloud indicator.
macduses the MACD indicator to trade when momentum changes.
macdhuses the MACD histogram to trade when momentum changes.
ppset a fixed buy and sell price, perfect for coins that stay within a predictable price range.
stepgainlike gain , but after hitting initial buy or sell level a trend watcher will check if prices will further decrease or increase - making sure to only buy or sell when the trend reverses.
smacrossuses crossings of fast and slow SMA to trade when price direction changes.
supportresistancebuy at support, sell at resistance.
tsatries to predict future prices and trades on predicted trend reversals.
tssluses a moving range around market prices for buying and selling, trailing optimal buy and sell levels.

Keep in mind that not all combinations of buy/sell methods are a good match to use together with trailing or certain confirming indicators.

For example using macd, which triggers only in cycles where the MACD line crosses the signal line, together with Stochastic as confirming indicator (in cross mode, which also only triggers in cycles with an indicator cross) is a bad combination because both MACD and Stochastic must cross in the same cycle - very much reducing your opportunities for a trade.

Common building blocks

The following building blocks are available to every spot builder strategy.


Trading methods have a few common protections:

  • Some methods will only buy once, other can buy multiple times. This is called "pyramid buying".
  • "Buy level" is a setting that protects against buying above the lowest EMA. The equivalents to this for futures trading are called "Long level" and "Short level".
  • Many methods won't place a strategy sell order below the break-even point, in some methods this is optional.
  • the "grid" strategies come with their own built-in protections, these are generally not configurable.

See the table below for details about protections/constraints per method.

MethodAllows for pyramid buying?Protection against buying above EMA? ("buy level")Protection against selling below break-even point? ("gain")