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Charts & Control Panel

The chart and control panel offer numerous methods for monitoring your trading algorithm. Utilizing TradingView charts, you'll be able to observe strategy objectives and outcomes in real time. Furthermore, you can swiftly modify active strategies using the convenient settings options located in the sidebar to the right on the chart page.

The control panel enables you to analyze performance results for your trading pairs and evaluate statistics across various pairs. This feature simplifies the process of overseeing your complete trading approach and making educated choices about upcoming trades.

TradingView charts

Keep an eye on your trading tactics as they unfold.

Full-Screen Symbol Lookup

Effortlessly search for pairs you are trading with Gunbot.

The left sidebar makes choosing active pairs even simpler.

The right sidebar displays position and strategy metrics.

Pair Configuration

You can also rapidly modify settings for an active pair from the left sidebar.

Evaluate Strategy Metrics

Examine live metrics from all your active strategies on the control panel.

In-Depth Profit and Loss Data

The control panel presents comprehensive profit and loss data for every pair you have traded with Gunbot.