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Strategy settings

The trading settings page enables you to explore and manage settings for new and active trading pairs across all active exchanges, along with a preview of market charts and essential statistics.

With just five clicks, you can establish a new trading pair coupled with a strategy that suits your needs. The configurations page provides the convenience of saving an unlimited number of strategy presets for swift application in future trades.

Discover New Pairs for Trading

Effortlessly select from a searchable list of pairs, accompanied by vital statistics for each respective market.

Analyze Preview Charts

Examine preview charts for any potential trading pair before executing transactions using your preferred trading software.

Streamlined Strategy Setup

Setting up trading strategies has never been more user-friendly. The summary on the right displays crucial details about the chosen strategy.

Tailor-Made Editor Templates

Fully customize your strategy editor experience. The example demonstrates a personalized template for the innovative Quanta G-type custom strategy.