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A dynamic grid strategy with adaptive trading targets and built-in trailing for both purchasing and selling.

The primary concept of this strategy is to always maintain a position, exclusively use market orders, average down when prices decrease, and take profit when the price surpasses the break-even point. All this with the least possible number of settings.


This strategy distinguishes itself from other Gunbot strategies due to its limited customizable options and continuous positioning. It seizes opportunities to average down rather than waiting for an ideal entry point.

If you prefer extensive customization, this strategy may not suit your needs.

Trading Patterns

When utilizing spotgrid on a pair experiencing an upward trend, anticipate the following trading patterns:

Green arrows are buy trades, orange arrows are sell trades.

To better understand the process:

  • Upon initiating the strategy with no balance to sell, it instantly places a market buy order.
  • If the price declines and crosses the spotgrid line on the chart, buy trailing is activated. Once trailing concludes, a buy order is executed, lowering the break-even price.
  • If the price attains the Sell target displayed on the chart, sell trailing activates, and the entire position is sold at a profit upon trailing completion.
  • Having sold, the strategy immediately starts buy trailing. A new position will be quickly opened if the price rises, while a buy order below the last sell rate will be placed if the price drops.

The initial buy orders typically occur rapidly as the price begins to fall. After several trades, the distance between buy orders significantly increases. All targets are set automatically.

As the market declines, the strategy starts accumulating units at progressively lower prices:

Buy orders all have the same notional value

The bot maintains accumulation until max buy count is reached or available funds are depleted. Each new buy order lowers the break-even price. When the price reaches the sell target and finishes trailing above break-even, a sell order is executed.

Effective balance management is crucial—ensure you can afford the intended number of buy orders.