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A grid-based strategy that initiates trades when the price shifts beyond a specified step size. You can either opt for an automatic step size or set one manually. Price trailing is fully automated and occurs at every step, ascending or descending.

The core concept of this strategy is to capitalize on every significant price fluctuation. Even if the overall break-even price of a position isn't reached, it will still leverage minor upward steps to sell portions of a bag at profitable rates relative to their corresponding buy orders.


This strategy varies from most other Gunbot strategies, as it only features a few adjustable options and doesn't rely on confirming indicators.

Trading Patterns

When using auto step size, expect the following trading patterns:

How stepgrid trades with out of the box settings

Here's a breakdown of the process:

  • Steps up and down are positioned around the last order rate. If the trading pair hasn't been traded before, the reference price for steps is determined by the price the pair had when the strategy began running.
  • When the price descends a step, it automatically initiates buy trailing and places a buy order for 1x 'trading limit' once trailing concludes.
  • If the price ascends a step while below break-even, it automatically begins sell trailing and places a sell order upon trailing completion. Below break-even, each sell order is 1x 'trading limit' in size.
  • When the price is above break-even, the behavior remains consistent; however, order quantities may surpass 1x 'trading limit'. If the price achieves a full step above break-even, it will close a bag immediately.
  • If the price surges enough for the next buy step to be above break-even, the buy step serves as a stop in profit for positions larger than 4x 'trading limit'.

In the absence of a position, the bot will repurchase when either the subsequent buy or sell step is attained.

The bot will persist in accumulating until the max buy count is reached or when it exhausts available funds. Each new buy order reduces the break-even price.

Managing balance is crucial; ensure you have sufficient funds for the intended number of buy orders.

The most straightforward way to begin using the step grid strategy is by not possessing any coins it plans to buy: starting with a pre-existing balance is discouraged.


The upcoming trading targets are always visible on the chart.

Remember that target lines shift over time, representing current objectives.