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Understanding Gunbot's Trading Logic

Gunbot operates on a simple yet powerful principle: it executes the trading strategies you define. This means you have full control over which trading pairs to target and what strategies to apply.

Direct and Transparent Operation

Gunbot's approach is straightforward: it follows your instructions precisely, with minimal magic. You select the trading pairs and assign strategies. Once configured, starting the bot initiates automated trading.

Strategy Flexibility

You can opt for simple, preset strategies or build ones using over 150 settings. This flexibility caters to both beginners and experienced traders. Power users can also code completely custom JavaScript strategies, that can be ran natively in Gunbot.

Buy and Sell Mechanics

Each strategy in Gunbot includes specific buy and sell settings. Generally, the bot executes one buy and one sell order per cycle. However, numerous exceptions add layers of flexibility:

  • Strategies allowing multiple consecutive buys
  • Partial sell orders
  • Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategies requiring multiple buys
  • Configurable sell order behaviors, including partial and staggered sells

Strategy-Specific Settings

While some settings are consistent across strategies, their effects can vary. Detailed documentation for each strategy provides clarity on these nuances.

Dynamic Configuration

You can modify settings anytime, with changes taking effect immediately. This includes altering strategies even after orders have been placed.

Manual Trading Integration

Manual trading on the same account or pairs as Gunbot is generally safe. However, ensure that auto-cancel settings don't interfere with your manual trades. Gunbot adapts to manual trading history for optimal operation. Note: Avoid manual trading on pairs used in Reversal Trading strategies.