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Rule based settings changes

Gunbot AutoConfig is a versatile tool that automates trading settings to optimize your trading experience. It enables you to create jobs that automate tasks, like adjusting profit targets or scanning exchanges for potential pairs to add, without requiring manual intervention.

AutoConfig's browser interface or code editor can create jobs defined as JSON objects in a cron-like system with complete flexibility and control.

AutoConfig offers a broad range of automated scenarios, including:

  • Automatically selecting pairs based on specific criteria such as volume, price, and trailing stops, while applying custom filters to ensure only relevant pairs are added.
  • Removing trading pairs that no longer meet your criteria, such as those with low volume or volatility.
  • Changing assigned strategy for active pairs, by setting up custom strategies for handling specific pairs, such as bag handling strategies when prices drop.
  • Monitoring pair state information and automatically setting pair overrides with custom gain targets during uptrends.
  • Orchestrating complex setups, using JavaScript to define custom autoconfig filters, rule-based settings values, and global or pair-level variables, allowing completely custom scenarios.

With AutoConfig, traders can simplify automation for their Gunbot settings, regardless of programming expertise. Create powerful automations that meet your unique trading needs and take your trading to the next level.