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A dynamic grid strategy with adaptable trading targets and built-in trailing for both purchasing and selling.

The core concept of this strategy is to maintain a continuous position, solely utilize market orders, average down as the price declines, and secure profit when the price surpasses the break-even point. All of this is achieved with a minimal number of settings.

This approach is fundamentally similar to spotgrid, but it's designed for futures trading and offers the added flexibility of trading short positions.

Trade Performance

When executing the futuresgrid strategy on a pair in an upward trend, expect the following trading behavior:

Typical trading behavior of this strategy

Let's analyze what occurs during this process:

  • Upon initiating the strategy with no available balance to sell, a market buy order is placed immediately.
  • If the price falls and surpasses the futuresgrid line on the chart, buy trailing is activated. Once trailing is completed, a buy order is placed, resulting in a lower break-even price.
  • When the Sell target on the chart is reached, sell trailing is initiated, and the entire position is sold for profit upon trailing completion.
  • After selling, the strategy promptly initiates buy trailing. A new position will be opened quickly if the price rises, while a buy order below the last sell rate will be placed if the price falls.

You'll notice that the initial buy orders occur rapidly as the price begins to decline. Following a few trades, the distance between buy orders grows significantly. All targets are configured automatically.

As the market declines, the strategy starts accumulating units at progressively lower prices:

Positions are built up using same notional value orders

The bot will persist in accumulating until either the max buy count is reached or funds are depleted. Each successive buy order reduces the break-even price. Once the sell target is hit and trailing completes above the break-even point, a sell order is placed.

Effective balance management is crucial; ensure that you can afford the intended number of buy orders.