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Pre-configured Strategies

Gunbot's pre-configured strategies are the most popular method for users who desire a convenient trading experience. In this article, we delve into the available options for these integrated trading strategies.

Integrated Strategies

Gunbot's integrated strategies enable you to cycle through a list of selected trading pairs, gather market data, and execute trades based on the guidelines of the chosen strategy. Each pair can possess unique settings or variations.

Being integrated does not imply that strategies lack customization; each strategy is accompanied by adjustable parameters. For instance, you can effortlessly design a strategy to buy at the lower Bollinger band and sell at a percentage profit target.

Crafting Personalized Strategy Rules

If creating custom trading rules appeals to you, Gunbot's strategy builder tool provides the means to do so. Select from a broad range of indicators and establish specific buy/sell rules based on your trading inclinations.

Configuring bollinger band buy settings

Buy settings for the bb method within the strategy builder

Strategies Featuring Guided Trading Rules

For those who find creating their own strategies daunting, Gunbot offers strategies with guided trading rules and fewer configurable options. These grid-style strategies are part of the pre-configured list and are crafted to help users begin swiftly.

When unsure, the Stepgrid strategy serves as an outstanding starting point for spot trading. With minimal settings, it lays the foundation for more advanced grid strategies. Once familiar with Stepgrid, you can easily change to the more complex Stepgridhybrid or Stepgridscalp strategies

Common stepgridscalp trades

Common stepgridscalp trades