Gunbot Starter

Perfect for beginning traders who want to start exploring automated trading.

Gunbot Starter

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Entry level trading bot, with a limited number of strategy options

  • For 1 exchange
  • Spot trading
  • Unlimited trading pairs
  • 4 Strategies
  • Switch exchange anytime
  • 200 Gunthy tokens
  • Gunbot School
  • Chat & email support
Detailed plan information

What's included with a Gunbot Standard license

Gunbot Starter is a simpler version of Gunbot, with less configuration options due to a limited set of features. It includes 4 popular trading strategies, which can be customized.

4 spot trading strategies

Gunbot Starterd comes with the following four strategies: spotGrid, emotionless, gain, BBTA.

Plug and play

The spotGrid strategy is plug and play. It takes just seconds to configure and start trading.

No artificial limits

Trade every pair you want, as often as you like. Some bots put limits on this, Gunbot does not.

Free software updates

Software updates are free. Users who started in 2016 can run the same tools as available today.
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Awesome support

The Gunbot School team is always around to help. You can use live chat, email or tickets.

All support admins are very experienced Gunbot users and are in direct contact with the devs.

Global community

Gunbot users on Telegram are a tight community who help each other trade better since 2016.

This is not just some marketing statement, Gunbot is as much a community as it is a trading bot.

Private trading

With Gunbot you can be sure that nobody besides the exchange knows anything about your trades.

Your bot runs on your device, and it shares no data with anyone about the way you trade.