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What's the Best Way to Stay Informed About Gunbot Updates and News?

· 2 min read

Staying current with the latest Gunbot updates and news is crucial for users to effectively utilize all features and engage with the community. Knowing where to find reliable and up-to-date information ensures you are always in the loop.

Primary Sources of Information

Gunbot Blog

The primary source for detailed news and updates about Gunbot is the Gunbot Blog. Here, you can find comprehensive information on recent developments, feature enhancements, and insights into the Gunbot community.

Gunbot Telegram Announcement Channel

For more frequent and concise updates, the Gunbot Telegram Announcement Channel is highly recommended. This platform is especially useful for receiving beta release logs and timely alerts. To join, access the channel invite link provided in your order confirmation email.

Recommendation for Regular Check-ins

To make the most of Gunbot's capabilities and stay ahead in your trading strategies, it's advisable to regularly visit these sources. This ensures you're always equipped with the latest information and can adapt quickly to new features and updates.


Keeping informed about Gunbot's updates and news is a key part of maximizing the potential of your trading bot. Regular visits to the Gunbot Blog and the Telegram Announcement Channel will keep you well-informed and ready to leverage new functionalities as they become available.