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Does Gunbot Support Automated Trading on Bitget?

· 2 min read

Gunbot extends its automated trading capabilities to Bitget, encompassing both spot and futures markets. This functionality allows for a diverse range of trading strategies to be executed on the Bitget platform.

Gunbot and Bitget: Compatibility for Automated Trading

Gunbot is compatible with Bitget, offering automated trading solutions for both spot and futures markets. This integration enables Gunbot users to expand their trading strategies, leveraging the unique features of each market type.

Spot Market Trading

  • Utilize Gunbot to engage in spot trading on Bitget, automating your buy and sell orders based on predefined strategies.

Futures Market Trading

  • Gunbot also supports futures trading on Bitget, allowing for advanced strategies that include leveraging positions.

API Stability: User Experiences

Users of Gunbot have reported good stability in the API connection with Bitget, which is crucial for the reliability and effectiveness of automated trading systems. A stable API ensures that trading strategies are executed as intended without interruptions.


Gunbot's support for automated trading on Bitget, covering both spot and futures markets, provides users with a robust platform for executing diverse trading strategies. The reported stability of the API connection further enhances the trading experience on Bitget with Gunbot.