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Does Gunbot Support Automated Trading on OKX?

· 2 min read

Gunbot extends its automated trading functionality to OKX, offering robust features for both spot and futures markets.

Spot and Futures Trading on OKX

  • Spot Trading: Gunbot allows automated trading in the spot market on OKX.
  • Futures Trading: Gunbot also supports futures trading on OKX.

Hedge Mode in Futures Trading

  • Gunbot's implementation of futures trading on OKX includes a hedge mode. This feature enables users to maintain both long and short positions simultaneously on a single market, providing flexibility in trading strategies.

API Stability

  • Users report a stable API experience when using Gunbot for trading on OKX, indicating reliable and consistent performance.


Gunbot's support for automated trading on OKX, encompassing both spot and futures trading with a hedge mode option, offers a comprehensive solution for traders seeking to leverage these markets. Users can rely on the stability and efficiency of the API for a seamless trading experience.